Ariel Winter Shows the Best Way to Wear a Vest

Ariel Winter put her cleavage on display in a vest. This is good. Vests needed a boost in sales.

Winter attended something called Glamour’s Game Changers Lunch. Sounds like an excuse to get more publicity for Glamour magazine. Attendees included Winter, Lea Michele, Emily Ratajkowski and other ‘game changers.’

Most notably, Glamour held the event at Jessica Biel‘s Au Fudge restaurant in Los Angeles. Au Fudge is a child-friendly restaurant. It’s been getting slammed for $18 tasteless pancakes and called “Chuck E. Cheese for the one percent.” Rich celebs don’t know jack, so they’ll eat this place up.

Back to Winter. She had a good time. Here she poses with Emily Ratajkowski and they somehow fit all their breasts into the frame.

She captioned her ‘gram:

“I am continuously honored to be around such incredible, powerful, intelligent women who empower each other at every turn. I couldn’t have been luckier to have been included today!”

What a luncheon. I’m guessing these ladies sat around and chit-chatted about empowerment and didn’t gossip about who’s doing who in Hollywood.

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8 years ago

It would be better if it covered her face or made her lose two stone.