Everybody Trying to Con Their Way Into Prince’s Money

I hope Prince comes back as a poltergeist and takes down all these money grubbing ho’s.

Currently, Prince’s estate is estimated to be about $300 million, he has no children, and most of his family is dead. While he has a sister, a few half siblings, and a relative ready to cut up that cake, a hoard of disrespectful pricks are claiming to be in on his DNA.

700 people though? Seriously? According to The Daily Mail, 700 people are tryna get in on that money unrightfully and make it purple rain.

I hate people.

Morse Genealogical Services handled all 700 of those calls, and only one of them even turned out to be potentially legit. DNA samples have even been taken from Prince’s body in order to verify and dismiss the claims.

No will has been found, so all that money is going to be split according to Minnesota law, which means that half siblings have just as much right to the dough as full-blooded siblings. As of now, this means that Prince’s $300 million estate will be split evenly seven ways. However, his net worth is likely to go up as his record sales soar following his sudden death.

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Prince Phillip Anon Harris
Prince Phillip Anon Harris
6 years ago

lOl! I’m not even dead, and a Jewish family, the Gilbergs, are trying to con their way into my families wealth. I’m East Indian, African, wtf! My name is Pah. Not sugar daddy.