Nazis Love Taylor Swift!

There are some things you read and they blow your mind. How can this possibly be?, you think. But sometimes there are other things that make you think, oh that could make some sense. The latter of the two is what happened when I read that Taylor Swift is an icon for Neo-Nazis.

I mean, look at her. She’s 5 ft gorgeous, she’s naturally blond, has blue eyes and lacks all semblance of melanin. White supremacist Andre Anglin is one of her biggest fans. The Daily Stormer blogger shares:

Firstly, Taylor Swift is a pure Aryan goddess, like something out of classical Greek poetry. Athena reborn. That’s the most important thing.

Shhhhhh, don’t tell him those born around the Mediterranean are often darker. But he has some theories:

It is also an established fact that Taylor Swift is secretly a Nazi and is simply waiting for the time when Donald Trump makes it safe for her to come out and announce her Aryan agenda to the world. Probably, she will be betrothed to Trump’s son, and they will be crowned American royalty.

Ooooooooo now that’s a romance for Swifty. It makes sense. The 1989 has only let white women into her squad. Her version of feminism has been historically whitewashed. She seems to only care about very white things. Anyway, if you take a look around the internet, you’ll see that the singer is quite the subject of praise amongst the Nazi community. It’s not a stretch to see why. Anglin has nothing negative to say about her. He has the same idolization complex as an Italian son toward his mother.

We are certain that as soon as Nazis saw her, they were magnetically drawn to her sculpted Aryan form and angelic demeanor.

She’s essentially the Farah Leander of the 21st century. It sounds like a joke, but it’s not. We like to think of racism as the butt of all our progressive jokes, but it’s a very real thing. There are Facebook groups dedicated to her, one notably with over 19k likes is Taylor Swift for Fascist Europe. You’ll find memes of Swift galore along with a profile picture of the artist (too convincingly) photoshopped into a Nazi-era military uniform.

One of the reasons the Nazis love Swift so much is because she’s remained basically exactly the same throughout her entire career. She is fascist herself in her subscription to a blind formula of song making and money making:

It’s incredible really that she’s surrounded by these filthy, perverted Jews, and yet she remains capable of exuding 1950s purity, femininity and innocence. She is the anti-Miley. While Miley is out having gang-bangs with colored gentlemen, she is at home with her cat reading Jane Austen.

I think it’s time for punk and hard femme to permeate the mainstream and it might be Swift’s only hope if she actually gives a fuck about her Nazi fanbase.

  • gem2477

    Nah. The song is so immature and outright stupid that Kanye is probably somewhere laughing his ass off.

    • Thao Truong

      dont be jealous…that song basically says it all. its genius…how else is it breaking record…if it sucked then everyone would say so….revenge comes in everyway and she got hers by being top of the list…lets see all her haters get there like taylor did. NOTTTT

      • gem2477

        She could have released a track of her farting and it’d be #1. With her, that’s not a good demonstration of if it being a good song.

      • BigJimSlade

        It’s genius? It’s not even music.
        This generic crap wouldn’t have managed to be a B-side on a Madonna single 20 years ago.

  • AussieDan

    Remember when Taylor wrote poppy country songs…?

  • Shawn Cicero

    wow people are nutty stalkers

  • Mithrull

    Pretend to like her fans? Bwhahahahahahaha you are fucking pathetic.

  • Moise

    who the hell are you guys? no names, just jealous of her fame and success. But who can blame you? You do this for green.

  • Atomic Rat

    oh my fucking god !!!!!!

    she’s so existential… she’s so multidimensional… she’s so fucking awesomely…. banal and pedantic.

    So you really don’t have to have anything one the ball other than a good PR firm and a fair agent to be a success as a pop star.

    I didn’t believe them. It’s still hard to believe.

  • Larry

    That girl is too high maintenance and a loon.

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