Kate Winslet and Woody Allen Will Work Together for the First Time in Upcoming Film

Not one thing can stop Woody Allen. Nefarious sexual assault claims included. The man has movies to make and that’s what he’s going to do. You may have heard some whispers about this summer’s Cafe Society–a Woody Allen production starring Jesse Eisenberg, Steve Carrell, Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart. Well… it hasn’t hit theaters yet, but it comes out in August so we’re already over it.

So next up for Woody Allen is an untitled flick set to start shooting as early as this fall with what seems like Kate Winslet in a starring role. They have never worked together and I’m hoping she doesn’t get wrapped up and bogged down by all the same publicity that fucked up Cafe Society. Let the Farrows talk about their lives. It’s their story. Stay out of it.

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