Tom Cruise’s Droopy Face Scares Him

Tom Cruise is no spring chicken anymore. It’s been 20 years since he made hearts throb in Jerry Maguire. He’s spent too much time and money on the Church of Scientology. It’s been four years since he was flung from his marriage and made a single man again at 49. He’s ready for a pause button. Thank god for plastics.

An insider close to our favorite yelling man has the deets:

He is getting older and it’s starting to show. He’s noticed that his jawline and brows are starting to droop. It’s been making him unhappy for a long time.

Cruise is now on his mission to find the very best surgeon for the job. He’s even taken time to go to Switzerland because the surgeons in the Valley just were not cutting it.

Tom wants a facelift. Botox and fillers won’t cut it. A facelift is the only way to fix what he doesn’t like. This is very important to Tom.

A facelift is very important to Tom. Proud of my old man for keeping his eye on the prize.

[H/T Celebitchy]

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