Ariel Winter Might Be Axed From ‘Modern Family’

What??!? Star (via Gossip Cop) reports that Modern Family producers might fire Ariel Winter. Blame Sofia Vergara, Ed O’Neill and Julie Bowen. Producers want to pay up for that troika but their coffee can doesn’t have enough money. What, so you’re gonna fire the woman with the biggest breasts? That’s discrimination.

“To renew deals for the ‘big three,’ some of the younger actors will be shuffled or cut entirely.”

How do you shuffle people around yet pay them their normal salary? You can’t. Ariel, you’ve been chopped!

“Ariel isn’t central to the show, so she’s at the top of the chopping block. She’ll be sad to leave — the cast is a second family to her — but she’s also very excited for the next opportunity.”

That’s messed up. Kill off Luke or Manny. Those guys are boring. Also, isn’t it called Modern FAMILY? And not Modern Parenting Adventures? This isn’t Parenthood.

Don’t cry for Winter though. She’s looking to get a new show, possibly on ABC.

Of course, Steve Levitan, the co-creator and executive producer of “Modern Family” denies it.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. Ariel is a beloved cast member and a crucial part of our show. While she is starting to attend classes this year at UCLA, we are happy to report that she’ll continue to be a part of Modern Family’s coming season.”

BS. That’s what people say right before they off you. Watch your back Ariel.

On the bright side, more time for Winter to post on Instagram.

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Isadora Teich
Isadora Teich
6 years ago

Her fat ass face makes me sick