This Teacher Can Finally Scratch Sex With Students Off Her Bucket List

Why do all these grown ass women want to nail their crusty students?

From The Daily Mail:

A married high school teacher from Iowa has admitted to having a sexual relationship with one of her students after being caught alone with the teenager in the back of a car by police.

Amanda Dreier, 27, told authorities that she and the boy, who was enrolled in her English class at Ankeny High School, had sexual contact at least four times according to documents seen by The Des Moines Register.

If you are gonna have an extramarital affair with a teenager you might wanna try harder to not get caught. Just a little. Maybe.

Both Dreier and the student, who is not being named, confessed to the relationship according to court documents, but said that it did not begin until after the teenager had graduated and was no longer a student in Dreier’s class.

So you are telling me this kid was a legal adult and not even her student anymore when he was boning her? Who cares. Next case y’all. This happened at least like four times at my high school.

It was just hours after Drier’s last day of school on June 7 that the two were caught by authorities who were investigating a report of students on the roof of a local public library.

Damn, if they coulda just refrained from public sex for another month they would have been totally fine. At least legally. Those Midwestern prudes still woulda had a s**t fit.

Dreier is charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee. In Iowa, teachers cannot have sex with a student even if they are 18 until 30 days after they graduate from high school.


[Ed. note: Dreier introducing herself in a 2013 video below.]

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