Drake and Kanye Are Expecting After Exciting Announcement at OVO Fest

Who are your gods? I was raised to a good Jewish girl who went to services every Friday night and shabbatons once a month, so that someday I could answer this question with there is only one G-d, but instead, I became this ratchet girl with all the neuroses of a good Jewish girl so that I could someday answer the question with Kanye Westbut there are several other deities at play. 

Consult my knee where my “6 God” basement tattoo resides and you’ll probably have all the material to judge me as you see fit. So when OVO Fest came around last weekend and Drake brought Kanye out for another show… we knew something was afoot. OVO Fest became Mount Olympus and the gods engaged in this superfluous conversation regarding an upcoming collaboration and when they announced it, we all exhaled in relief, finally. But what happens when two people come together to conceive a child?

Kanye hasn’t put out a bad album yet. And Drake rides the PR train in the same vein with putting out banger after banger. This is the kind of thing where if the two moguls can come together (and that guarantees Metro Boomin and 40 come along), we would effectively be paving the way for other great minds to come onto these kinds of projects (cough cough Calvin Harris is itching for a pay bump) and produce the super album that we know we don’t deserve.

Drake’s fourth studio album took a twist and some people at first listen couldn’t appreciate it enough. R&B is dying, someone whispered into their 6-disc CD changer filled mostly with Ne-Yo mixtapes. And I found myself wondering if Drake had just come off a fling with Jhene Aiko. Chill with the fuckboy nonsense. Now, here we are four months out and I’m listening to more ‘Too Good” and “Feel No Ways” than I did on my 10-hour drive home from Canada when I only had Views on my phone.

And obviously people feel the same as I do because Views just made it back to Billboard 200’s No. 1 slot for a twelfth week. We love Drake. We don’t want to, but he’s got the grips of the gods deep into our spines and we’re left with no reason left to bow out.

And Kanye is everything. Everything that he says he is… he is. He delivers time after time again and we don’t have to like his persona to worship his music.

I’m ready for this baby to be birthed. Conception was beautiful. I’m here for it. When Drake and Kanye drop this album, y’all are more than welcome to join my Church of Rap Gods.

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