I’ll Tell ‘Suicide Squad’ Fans That Their Movie Is Good If They Promise to Shut Up About It

What happens when you mix nerd culture with the punk aesthetic of a suburban 13-year-old? You know we’ve already answered this question a million times over with our snide remarks on Suicide Squad, but what about those people not seeing this movie as a bad thing?

ICYMI, this summer’s most anticipated film has already proven itself a case study for reasons to never get your hopes up. The press has been unstoppable for the last year and just like that guy you talked to on the internet for three months (finally getting worn down into meeting him), he only operates at about 33%.

Now comes a petition to shut down the Rotten Tomatoes website because fans can’t take negative reviews. The super fans are pissed. They haven’t even seen it yet but never fear, there is always a social media campaign to be started.

They’re saying the outpouring of negative reviews stems from the internet culture of agreement. It’s not the movie’s fault! It’s just cool to hate on stuff. They whine, but it’s so good, just open your mind. Take yourself to being thirteen! If you got into a fight with your mother in the parking lot, this is the movie for you!

I’m seeing this movie out of reverence for my 13-year-old self. I’m glad she’s dead, but all my residual angst has to go somewhere. Might as well take it to the movies. Sign Abdullah Coldwater’s “Shutdown Rotten Tomatoes” petition if you want to watch the world burn.

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