New Exclusive Photos of ‘Suicide Squad’ Fulfill All My ’05 Hot Topic Dreams

Everyone keeps telling me Suicide Squad looks cool and is gonna change my life, but I don’t think I’m 15 and sad enough to be hype for this. Anyway, look at Entertainment Weekly‘s gallery of stills and covers and decide if this looks jank as f**k or I’m just no fun for yourself.

Nice guyliner on Jared Leto though. Super villainous. Anybody else remember 30 Seconds to Mars? I try not to but this is bringing it back.

I remember that episode of Hannibal where Hannibal Lecter dyed Will Graham’s pigtails with manic panic dye real well. Pinkies up Margot Robbie. Pinkies up.

Is that Common? Yeah it is.

We got Karen Fukuhara as Katana over here. Nice.

Man, I wonder why Margot Robbie is the only one in hot pants? I would like to see at least Will Smith as Deadshot also in hot pants. Hell, hot pants for everyone!

In this rare photo we see director David Ayer having stopped sucking Jared Leto’s dick long enough to actually direct another actor. Amazing.

Am I just a bitter old man? This does not even look remotely cool to me in any way.

It’s cool and edgy. So edgy. So cool. Wow.

An alternate title for Suicide Squad: How To Get Away With Murder.

(Get it because that’s Viola Davis)

I don’t know what it says about me but despite all my bitching and moaning, that one chick with the swords has basically sold this movie to me. Alright. I wait semi-eagerly on my illegal bootleg copy of this.

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