The MTV VMAs Were Less About the ‘A’ and More About the ‘M’

The big news leading into Sunday night was Britney Spears was making her return to the VMAs after an almost decade-long sabbatical from the show. The actual big news when Sunday rolled around though was Beyoncé’s performance and Kanye’s music video.

Beyoncé had a 15 minute set which, in hindsight, probably should have been the finale considering she won 8 awards that night. But it wasn’t because that was Rihanna’s gig as she was given the Michael Jackson Vanguard award, an award I still don’t know the purpose of.

Sadly, Britney Spears was scheduled to perform right after Beyoncé which is like listening to the National Anthem on 4th of July after seeing the fireworks. You’re sort of obligated to stay. The performance was… alright. We did get to see Britney tell G-Eazy that, no, she didn’t want to kiss him. At least something was interesting about the performance.

Then there was Kanye’s music video premiere which was preceded by Kanye congratulating himself.

The video for Kanye’s Fade started Kanye West enough and then turned into softcore porn before heading into David Lynch territory.

Meh. I’ve masturbated to weirder.

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Isadora Teich
Isadora Teich
7 years ago

Beyonce looked liked the fattest cow to ever take the stage. Like a moose in headlights, like a disgusting blob with thighs of flab. GROSS!