‘Rick and Morty’ Cast’s Live Episode Teases a Full Length Movie


Seriously, make it happen.

Even though Rick And Morty won’t be back until some point in late 2016, fans are eating up the crumbs Harmon and his bros keep throwing at us like a bunch of ravenous, crumb eating-aliens on a doomed bread loaf planet. From weird commercials for shitty burgers to a Pokemon-style parody game, we are all over it.

In this gory, bizarre, and totally weird improvised Rick and Morty minisode called “Summer’s Future” that was recorded at San Diego Comic Con, Harmon mentions that it’s the beginning of a Rick and Morty movie at the end.

Is he kidding? Is this real? Is it gonna happen? Will I finally be able to rest in peace? Will those Eurasian hipsters betrayed by their totally uncool townspeople be avenged?

No one fucking knows. Check out the minisode below.

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