Conor McGregor Went 1-0 With Jeremy Stephens Yesterday

Conor McGregor will fight Eddie Alvarez at UFC’s inaugural event at Madison Square Garden, UFC 205, in an attempt to hold both the lightweight and featherweight titles simultaneously. Yesterday was the press conference for UFC 205 and it went better than expected. Unless your name is Jeremy Stephens.

At one point McGregor was asked, “Who do you think will give you the hardest fight out of anyone on stage.”

Stephens, looking for that red panty night, interrupted saying, “Right here. The hardest hitting 145 pounder. The real hardest hittin’ 145 pounder. This guy tkos people. When I knock people out they don’t move.”

Things… didn’t go as planned. Conor started looking around trying to figure out who was talking and asked, “Who the fook is that? Who the fook is that guy?” It was at this point, Conor tko’d Stephens ego.

This was a savage mauling. Big John should have stepped in to end this sooner.

Afterward, Stephens said, “I’m not sure what that fire crotch said. I really couldn’t hear at the presser.”

Does someone want to play the video back for him where he responds with, “You know damn well who I am.” I would do it myself but I like to stay conscious.

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