Why the Controversy Surrounding Kendall Jenner’s Ballet Shoot Is Idiotic

Kendall Jenner did a shoot with Vogue España where she dressed like a ballerina and flopped around while talking about being a kid. Here it is.

Holy s**t did this make people unreasonably angry. You’d think she had put on blackface and started grinding an organ.

The crux of all the rage was that Kendall Jenner is not a professional ballet dancer so they shouldn’t have had her doing this and maybe have found a real dancer instead. Except this was a glorified video shoot for Kendall Jenner about Kendall Jenner. Jesus christ. What do you want from her? She has no discernable talent other than standing around looking pretty. This is all she has! I mean, they could have had her walk around in a bikini in Venice Beach sucking on a popsicle in slow motion instead but nooo, I bet you guys would have bitched and moaned about that too.

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