Mandy Moore’s Sperm Tattoo

There’s bad tattoos and then there’s Ben Affleck’s phoenix tramp stamp.

And then there’s Mandy Moore aka the girl with the sperm tattoo.

She explained why the f**k that happened on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

“When you go city to city, you’re in a bus, but you get a day room. And I was the only girl so I had my own room to shower in and all of the guys in my band shared a day room. Their one rule was nobody was allowed to do that thing in the shower.”

By that she means jerk off.

“It became this big joke, because one of my band members was like, ‘I don’t want babies on my feet.’ And so we created a song called ‘Babies on My Feet’ that we sang on stage every night. No one had any idea what we were talking about,” she said.

Once the tour commenced, Moore and her bandmates marked the occasion by getting “babies” on their feet.

Can’t even find normal musicians to play with fucking Mandy Moore. What a business.

[H/T Page Six]

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