Star Magazine Fucked Up So Bad

Star Magazine really fucked up by making up s**t about Tom Hanks‘ crumbling marriage to Rita Wilson to sell copies when the real life melt down of the century is going down. Look at how bad they fucked up.

Angelina Jolie just left Brad Pitt and that’s what you want to talk about? Weak.

According to Star:

The magazine’s source… tells the outlet that during an argument, “Rita said she was tired of the lack of time they’ve been spending together. Tom felt blindsided and hit the roof, and things got so heated that Rita stormed out of the house.” “To call it a blowout would be an understatement… Rita’s been complaining forever about what a workaholic he is and how hard it is always playing second fiddle to his job. Working nonstop is a kind of an escape for him.”

The outlet alleges… Hanks has “grown close to his Inferno costar felicity Jones,” which has lead to “Rita’s resentment.”

Both Gossip Cop and Tom’s publicist shot the rumors down, so it’s not real. And it doesn’t matter. Let’s get back to Brad and Angelina.

[H/T Celebitchy]

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