Charlize Theron Thinks Charlize Theron Is So Fat Right Now

I kinda give women in the entertainment biz a pass on saying or doing any fucked up s**t they want to say or do with their own bodies. Regardless of what they do, everyone is gonna torture them about it. Either you’re too old or you’re too fat or you’re too thin or you’re too tall or….

I’m just gonna stop because that s**t could go on forever.

From Page Six:

“Yes, I am very fat right now,” she told E! News after Chelsea Handler poked fun at her growing waistline at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles.

Look she’s only even playing that game because somebody already insulted her based on what she looks like. Come on now.

She just put on 30 pounds for the upcoming comedy Tully, and tried to hide herself in a black sack to avoid ridicule, but no dice.

Considering Charlize’s main problem is casting directors discriminating against her because she’s too hot, maybe she should take advantage of how ‘fat’ she is right now.

I probably weighed what she does right now at birth. Eat my ass.

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