Internet Finding New Ways to Argue Over Nothing – The Hanks/Murray Debate

A picture from four years ago has caused a stir on Reddit and went viral leaving the nation at odds over what to believe. Is the picture Bill Murray or Tom Hanks?

Despite the fact that the photographer clearly labeled the photo as Bill Murray and has done interviews about meeting Bill Murray, taking the picture with Bill Murray and later having Bill Murray sign said picture, the internet still thinks it might be Tom Hanks.

This debate is a great microcosm for the online world. Despite complete, documented facts, people will still find a way to believe whatever they want to believe and act like douches about it.

Sites are trying to label this photo the new “the dress,” though nothing will ever top the mystery of that black/gold, blue/white ensemble. It seems like as a nation, we’re trying to drum up any kind of controversy that doesn’t involve Donald Trump’s tiny hands.

In an interview with the Guardian, Laura DiMichelle-Ross, who took the photo of her son and Murray finds the whole thing funny. Her son, now four, has not been effected by his new internet fame. She said, “He barely knows that it’s him in the photo and doesn’t know who Bill is.” Good for you little baby, living in your world of ignorance. Good for you.

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