The Knight Rider Reboot No One Wanted Is Coming

The Verge reports that Knight Rider is being rebooted. Why? Because Hollywood loves rebooting popular things from the 80’s and 90’s instead of coming up with original ideas.

Justin Lin, producer of the Fast & Furious franchise, is the man behind the reboot.

Ok, now I’m sold. Fast & Furious is the greatest movie franchise of all-time and if we get Vin Diesel as  the star, then Knight Rider will officially be the greatest television franchise of all-time. KITT can make a funny quip and Vin can make a funny quip back and then they can drive really fast and blow a bunch of stuff up.

I just wish they didn’t call the show Knight Rider. Fast & Furious was just a Point Break remake under a different name. Couldn’t Lin call this new show The Wave? And instead of a talking car, Vin Diesel rides a talking surfboard. Basically, just reverse Point Break and Fast & Furious.

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