John Cena, Kevin Hart Rumored for ‘Knight Rider’ Reboot for the 3 People That Care

Hey, it’s Tuesday, so that means another Hollywood studio is planning another reboot of another terrible 80’s property that we only watched because there was no Netflix and only around a dozen cable channels at the time. Screenrant is reporting that The Weinstein Company is moving forward with their Knight Rider project, now envisioned as a comedy in the vein of 21 Jump Street starring John Cena as Michael Knight and Kevin Hart as Kitt.

If you look at this, you can see just how risk-averse Hollywood producers, even great ones like the Weinsteins, actually are right now. Because 21 Jump Street was successful, studios have been looking for other dated, silly dramas from the recent past to make into essentially the same movie. And they’re not even the first studio to try that. As Screenrant points out, both CHIPS and Baywatch were essentially flops just this year doing the exact same thing. And let’s not forget just how disappointing that Ghostbusters reboot was after nearly two decades of being stuck in development hell; it was almost as bad as Ghostbusters 2.

This movie sounds okay on paper. Kevin Hart is hilarious and John Cena has a ton of charisma, so the two of them should make a great pair. And making Kevin Hart into a car means we won’t be expected to take a Hobbit seriously as an action hero again. But we’ve seen this movie. No one has particularly fond memories of Knight Rider aside from David Hasselhoff, who is reportedly trying to make the case for a dark and gritty reboot staring him (and presumably William Daniels as KITT) directed by Robert Rodriguez. And there’s also that Machinima Knight Rider series due out this year. Who is asking for all this Knight Rider stuff? We already have self-driving cars and if you want to get sassed by an AI, just pick up your phone and say something rude to Siri.

I’m going to pitch my own 80’s reboot. It’s a dystopian take on Out Of This World where Evie has to overthrow the tyrannical rule of Vicki from Small Wonder. It’ll be terrible, but you remember those series, right? Well, you’ve heard the names, and that’s apparently all that matters these days. And honestly, it be any worse than yet another Knight Rider reboot?

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