Tippi Hedren Says Alfred Hitchcock Sexually Assaulted Her

Alfred Hitchcock is known as “The Master of Suspense,” but according to Tippi Hedren, Hitchcock wanted to leave nothing to the imagination with her, leaving me wondering if we need a new nickname for him.

In her new memoir, Tippi, the actress talks about Hitchcock’s obsession with her. Obsession is just a nice way of saying that he stalked and sexually assaulted her.

Along with driving by her house at night, Tippi claims that Hitchcock threw himself on top of her in the back of a limo. Tippi also says that Hitchcock ruined her career, which is taking things a bit too far considering that he discovered her, she went on to do like 50 movies after Marnie, and is now writing a book, a book no one would care about if it weren’t for these Hitchcock stories.

It’s a shame Hitchcock is no longer alive, because he could totally run for President. Or at least give us a more suspenseful conclusion.

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