Tom DeLonge Thinks Wikileaks Will Help Prove UFOs are Real

Alternative title: Tom DeLonge is still crazy. In June, it was reported that DeLonge quit Blink 182 because it was taking away time he could have spent investigating UFOs. Apparently this wasn’t the result of a bad acid trip. This is a real thing that he’s following through on.

In the Clinton email dump, DeLonge was surprisingly mentioned as having met with John Podesta, current chairman of the Clinton campaign and former Obama and Bill Clinton staffer, about a possibly documentary. DeLonge also wanted to meet with a few “A-list officials” to talk about UFOs.

While upset about his email being leaked, he’s enthusiastic over the attention his project is getting.

Oh, and if you could stop flying drones over his backyard and then pointing and laughing as he trips over his bathrobe while trying to run and film it, that’d be great.

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