Fun Hike at Yellowstone Ends With Getting Dissolved by an Acid Bath

Sure, Yellowstone Park is an active volcano, but why not roam around freely though there’s multiple signs that tell you to stay on the path? On the good side, you’ll get to see nearly untouched wonders of nature. On the unfortunate side, you might fall into a pool of acid.

Siblings Colin and Sable Scott wandered through Yellowstone on June 7th and appeared to be looking for a place to take a soak. Since there aren’t a lot of public pools on volcanic grounds, the pair ignored signs and went off the pedestrian trail. When they found a suitable bathing hole, Colin dipped his hand in to test the temperature. He lost his balance and fell in.

It would be bad enough if he just drowned. But no. Rescuers found his body, wallet, and flip flops in the pool, but a lightening storm made recovery impossible. The next day, the workers went back to the pool, but all evidence of Colin was gone and the waters were churning. According to Deputy Chief Ranger Lorant Veress, “In a very short order, there was a significant amount of dissolving” What a nice way to say he BOILED TO DEATH IN A VAT OF ACID. We’ve all seen Breaking Bad and know that bodies and acids are a disgusting mix.

So, perhaps don’t try to take a bath is strange colored, volcano water. Just a thought.

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6 years ago

This story makes me moister than an oyster. Makes me think of the New Year’s Gong from Urban Dictionary.