Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan May Soon Face the Pain

WME-IMG are about to make the smartest decision they’ll ever make. After purchasing the UFC for an ungodly sum of money, they had to recoup that money somehow. The easiest way would be to cash in on a huge TV contract.

To cash in on a huge TV contract, you have to obey the TV stations. And the TV stations want nothing to do with “hype masters” Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg.

That’s because TV stations are smart. As an avid UFC watcher for over 10 years, I can tell you that Rogan and Goldberg are terrible. They mispronounce names, incorrectly call strikes and positions, and yell that the fight is over when it isn’t. They haven’t improved in 10 years and it’s foolish to think that they’ll start improving now.

Sorry, Goldberg and Rogan, IT IS ALL OVER for your time in the UFC.

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Van Ricter
Van Ricter

Goldberg can go, but I still think Rogan adds a lot to the broadcasts.


Yeah, I like Rogan.


you don’t have to love joe rogan or his style, etc, but you are crazy if you doubt the unbelievable value he has to the UFC as a brand, both in helping to build bridges with the mainstream audience, and staying widely respected by the fight world based on his incredible contributions to MMA beyond just the UFC. he occasionally mispronounces names and mis-calls strikes? big fucking deal, it’s fast-paced sport with some tricky names, what do you expect?

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