Paris Hilton Revealed She Voted for Trump Because Rich People Stick Together, I Guess

Paris Hilton doesn’t care that Trump wanted to bone her as a child, and voted for him anyway.

I guess I don’t have the kind of money that a dude thinking I was hot as a kid wouldn’t disgust me enough to relinquish some of it to the huddled masses, but damn.

Paris Hilton recently went on an Australian TV show to promote her new perfume, which no one better fucking buy, and admitted to voting for Trump after playing coy about it for weeks.

According to Variety, when asked if she voted for him she was, like, yeah:

“I’ve known him since [I was] a little girl — so, yes.”

Considering that a 2003 Trump interview where he talked about how beautiful Hilton was as a child in the creepiest way possible, that’s a weird motivating factor to claim. But aight.

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4 years ago

We heard it. Trump didn’t say anything offensive about her. Cut bullcrap. Even Paris doesn’t believe the media lies and demonization.

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