Emmy Rossum Wants to Be Paid More Than William H. Macy or Else

The whole wage gap thing is supposed to be more about women with actual jobs, but I guess it’s cool to watch all these rich, hot, white women, that get paid millions for being hot and white on camera, demand they get even more millions.

Some of them show up to work drunk and want more pay for that. Ok.

Somehow, I feel like the plight of the wealthiest people in the world shouldn’t be what we focus on. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

Emmy Rossum has been a lead on Shameless since 2011, but has never made the same as her costar, William H. Macy. She wants that to change for season eight, where she’s not only demanding equal pay to him, but more than him.

She wants the time they were undercutting her made up for. And will probably get it, as the writers have not made any kinda contingency plan to replace her. She is literally holding the show hostage until an agreement is reached.

Girl power and whatever.

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