Find A New ‘Modern Family’, It May Have Only One More Season

Modern Family has been one of top sitcoms for the past 8 years, but that may be coming to a close.

Eric Stonestreet said that the show is coming to an end, possibly as soon as next season. Stonestreet elaborated:

“All of the cast, we’re now sort of in the twilight of the show. Maybe we have one more season. Maybe we have two more seasons. Nobody really knows. So I think now what’s fueling everyone is that we’ve had this great opportunity for the last seven, eight years, and it’s coming to an end.”

It seems they want to have a strong ending, rather than get worse over time till someone just ends it (I’m looking at you The Office).

Stonestreet is very grateful for his role on the show and is proud that Modern Family was able to help same sex couples find acceptance. It also sounds like he’s kind of over the show and would like to move on to something new.

Whether we get one or three more years of Modern Family, know that most of the cast probably wishes they were somewhere else.

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