Will Carl Return on ‘The Walking Dead’ or Will College Claim Another Victim?

Chandler Riggs, Carl on The Walking Dead, isn’t sure whether he’ll stay on the show.

Now of college age, Riggs says he would love to go to college, but he also loves being on the show. When asked if he could possibly do both, Rigg’s replied “I really do hope it works out because that would be really cool. I like to be in The Walking Dead, and I like to play video games and just hang out with my friends and try to be as normal as possible, so going to college would be another really cool, normal experience in my life.”

It’s good that Chandler wants to maintain a normal life, so he doesn’t succumb to the tragedy of a life like Corey Feldman. Though it’s hard to have sympathy with any kid who’s biggest choice is whether he’ll go to college and keep up his video game schedule or stay as a series regular on one of the biggest shows in the country.

As of now, it doesn’t sound like a hard and fast decision has been made. So, don’t bet on Carl dying this year, though with The Walking Dead, you never know.

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