Manny Pacquiao Will Fight Conor McGregor If Floyd Mayweather Doesn’t

Previously on Conor McGregor Wants To Box: Floyd Mayweather laughed at Dana White’s “$25 million each” offer.

With the Mayweather fight still off the table, a new challenger has emerged for the UFC king.

That challenger is Manny Pacquiao, who is willing to fight Conor if an agreement with Mayweather can’t be reached. But, only in the boxing ring. Pacuqiao said:

“In boxing? In boxing (I would) but not in (UFC), just boxing…”

Pacquiao only made $4 million for his last fight against Jessie Vargas (plus a percentage of the 300,000 PPV buys, which is a very low number for Manny) so that $25 million may not look so bad to him.

Conor doesn’t have a chance against either guy in the boxing ring, but Manny has a bit more wear and tear on his body and would be willing to engage in a couple of firefights with Conor. There’s also a higher chance that Conor gets KO’d by Manny than against Floyd.

Basically, Conor is screwed either way.

[H/T BroBible]

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