Now We Won’t See Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson, ‘Urban Myth’ Episode Canceled

Just as we got a look at how horrifying Joseph Fiennes looked as Michael Jackson, the show gets canceled!

Urban Myths, a comedy series bringing to life celebrity urban legends, has decided that it won’t air the Michael Jackson episode.

This decision was made in part because of reactions from Michael Jackson’s family. His daughter Paris Jackson tweeted, “I’m so incredibly offended by it, as I’m sure plenty of people are as well…it honestly makes me want to vomit.”

Also, the story is about a road trip that was necessitated by the planes being grounded after 9/11. So, a white guy playing a black guy on 9/11. They really found a way to hit all of America’s shame at once.

The fact that they even filmed this episode after the outcry over casting Joseph Fiennes in the first place is incredible. Did they think people would like it more when they saw Fiennes terrifyingly made-up face? I guess the lesson is, don’t cast white people to play legendary black icons.

The fact that the episode is now canceled is oh so sad. This looked like A+ hate watching and I’m very curious to see what this crazy town episode would actually look like. Joseph Fiennes is reported to completely understand the cancellation. We’re pretty sure Fiennes is happy as all hell that this got pulled cause it’ll save him a lot of embarrassment and apology tours.

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John Connor
John Connor
6 years ago

I didn’t see whites complaining when Will Smith played DeathShot or when Samuel L. Jackson played Nick Fury… I hope someone filter it to the internet to see how good or bad it was