Dog Tortured on Set, PETA Wants You To Boycott ‘A Dog’s Purpose’

We should all probs boycott it to stop Hollywood from churning out such schmaltzy derivative s**t, anyway.

After footage emerged on TMZ of a dog being forced to film in water despite being terrified and nearly drowning on set of A Dog’s Purpose, PETA is asking that we all boycott it.

What PETA, who kills almost all of the animals they claim to be sheltering, is not getting is that no one was gonna see this fucking movie anyway.

For a film that was supposedly gonna strike it big with dog lovers (yeah, sure), this is pretty goddamn bad press.  One of the film’s producers is of course speaking out, saying he’s not cool with it, and the dog is fine according to a statement released by Amblin, but it really doesn’t matter because this future box office flop is dead in the water, even if the dogs they tortured to make it allegedly survived.

[H/T Deadline]

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