Science Says My Foul Mouth Means I’m Honest As F**k

Thanks, Science.

According to a new psychological study, those who swear more are generally more honest because they are less concerned about following social rules.

Once again, science is proving what we all already knew. There are no nice people. There are just fake as f**k people that smile a lot and say ‘heck.’ And that vegetarians eat meat┬áin secret when they get drunk.

Swearing is usually an honest outpouring of emotions, and those that let all their fucks fly tend to be more sincere.

This study, which was published in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science, found that there are two kinds of Facebook users: ones that say f**k, and ones that are lying to make themselves look better. And also this guy.

This is because those who swear are usually saying the first things which pop into their heads, meaning they did less manipulating of whatever they wanted to express before saying it. According to co-author David Stillwell from the University of Cambridge:

“That is what we seemed to land on in this study, that people who use the language that comes to mind first are less likely to be playing games with the truth.”

F**k yeah.

[Image: Flickr/Eric Kilby]

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