Sveta Bilyalova Shows How to Check If Boobs are Fake or Not

I have no idea who Sveta Bilyalova is, or how she got 4.6m followers. She’s pretty hot though, and she’s got a funny, and informative, video on how to see if boobs are fake or not. Really helpful for anyone who cares. Just a note: if you care whether or not the boobs you are touching are fake, then you are waaaay too picky.

All you need are two phones and a set of breasts. For you mouth breathers out there, the second requirement may need some effort in finding.

Grab your phones, one in each hand and turn on their flashlights. Hold them to the sides of your test subject’s breasts and then turn off the room lights.

If the boobs glow red, that means there’s silicone inside. If they’re natural, you see nothing.

If it was me, I’d just keep checking over and over. “Ohhh, I’m so sorry, I don’t think we got it that time. Mind if we do it again?”

Check out her IG post.

She’s also got a vlog which I’m too lazy to find. She has one Instagram of her playing video games which ends up in a pillow fight between her and her two hot friends. I can only imagine what happens next.

As for Bilyalova’s Instagram, it’s a bunch of her in bikinis and short shorts.┬áJust like every other IG model, but who’s complaining…


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7 years ago

I stole her fingerprints. Stupid bitch.