Beyonce Reveals More Pregnancy Photos, Now With More Nudity!

Did you think Beyonce just took one pregnant photo and called it a day? Oh no.

Beyonce’s full photo shoot is now out and it’s just as strange as the first pic.

After using leftovers from a Party City prom for her first pic, the rest continue the floral theme though with fewer neon mesh veils.

She did some of the classic “naked holding boobs and belly” pregnancy poses that half of all celebrities are obliged to do.

Then Blue Ivy got a little screentime, looking like she was on her way to dance class when her mom made her take a quick pic. Also, Blue Ivy looks way less excited about this whole process, which we can understand.

For the last of the land based photo series, Beyonce is sitting on a busted up car full of flowers in front of a sky backdrop. I don’t know what this means, but I’m not much of an artist. Also, can you see her pubes in this? It doesn’t look like she’s wearing underwear, but I guess she could be wearing a pube colored thong.

Tiring of life on land, Beyonce switched it up entirely for some lovely under water photos.

These mermaid shots are insanely beautiful, I have to admit.

This whole photo shoot affair proves why Beyonce is better than us all. I would never have the patience to post anything more than one shot of a pregnant belly before I got bored and annoyed. But Beyonce was willing to go out, buy an old fucked up car, get a million flowers, and take enough pictures underwater where all the fabrics flowed in just the right way. Try going underwater with ten feet of fabric and see how elegant you look. I guarantee you’ll end up choking on your scarves.

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