Beyonce’s Calculated Pregnancy Announcement

For once, it’d be nice if a celebrity didn’t need a strategic plan for announcing the birth of their child. Maybe a simple, “Hey, we’re pregnant!” And then go about their business.

If you haven’t heard, Bey is pregnant with twins. Congrats to her. But she strategized the hell out of it.

With the Grammys coming up on February 12th, Beyonce didn’t want the spotlight on her pregnancy and not on her album Lemonade. So, she put the IG up before then so everyone could gawk at her fat belly now instead of when she’s giving her acceptance speeches. A US Weekly source says she “wants Grammy night to be about celebrating the album and her work” and “now she can get ready and perform on Grammy night without all the attention going to this.” I thought I just said that.

Beyonce’s up for nine Grammys and will also perform at the ceremony.

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