Gigi Hadid Squints, Asians are Not Amused

Uh oh! A model didn’t act like a model citizen!

In a now-deleted video, Gigi Hadid is seen holding up a Buddha cookie to her face and squinting her eyes. Now, a lot of fans are upset that the 21-year-old could be so insensitive to Asian people.

Look, we do all need to cool out on flippant Asian jokes because they happen way more than they should in 2017. Should everyone hate Gigi for this? I doubt it. It’s not super cool that she made “squinty eyes” to represent an Asian face. But that’s it. In the future, hopefully she learns that something that seemed totally innocuous to her is offensive to others.

But the internet only works with outrage and now she’s been widely accused of mocking Asian people.

Her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, who is of Asian descent, was asked multiple times on Twitter what he thought about Gigi mocking ways. Zayn responded:

Also, Gigi is a 21-year-old model. She’s going to act stupid. Also, what place makes Buddha-faced cookies?

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7 years ago

I don’t like Gigi, not for this, for other reasons!
But, this is more of that BS Fake PC Outrage!! Oh-Pluh-eeeezzzeee!!!