Instagram Model Alexis Ren Tweets About Ex’s Penis Size

So, if you like feeling shitty about your own life, you are probably mad into Alexis Ren, who got famous traveling around the world with her male model boyfriend Jay Alvarrez and taking sexy pics and videos of them canoodling. And being all free spirited and whatever.

Like this one:

And this one:

Watching two models be hotter and have a better time than me just pisses me off, but apparently the rest of the world is way less bitter than me and was into their slow mo beach hugs and butt shots in the sunset.

Suddenly, speculation about their breakup was everywhere, only to be confirmed around Thanksgiving by TMZ.

And now, Alexis Ren is pissed off and casting more shade than an eclipse about her ex on Twitter.

It starts off with the kind of s**t uninteresting people read on a Facebook meme somebody’s aunt shared and slowly gets into Taylor Swift song territory.

Then she goes right from Taylor Swift Song To Nicki Minaj song.


According to all her passive aggressive IG posts, she’s definitely over him though.

I can just feel how over him she is.

That is definitely some grade A ‘over it.’

[H/T BroBible]

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