J.K. Rowling Makes Piers Morgan Look Stupid on Twitter

Piers Morgan is an idiot. When he’s not feuding on talking about shit he knows nothing about, he’s talking about shit he knows nothing about.

In his latest bout with stupidity, Piers decided to go after famed author J.K. Rowling. Spoiler: J.K. Rowling is much smarter than Piers Morgan.

This whole thing started when comedian Jim Jeffries told Piers to “fuck off” after he tried defending Donald Trump. That’s when J.K. tweeted:

Piers responded with a tweet that proved he has poor taste in what he reads:

And Rowling wondered why, while also rubbing things in a bit:

Now, this is where things get good. Rowling tweets out a compliment paid to her by a certain someone:

And Piers attempts to call her out on it:


And now a live look at J.K. Rowling:

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