J.K. Rowling Makes Piers Morgan Look Stupid on Twitter

Piers Morgan is an idiot. When he’s not feuding on talking about s**t he knows nothing about, he’s talking about s**t he knows nothing about.

In his latest bout with stupidity, Piers decided to go after famed author J.K. Rowling. Spoiler: J.K. Rowling is much smarter than Piers Morgan.

This whole thing started when comedian Jim Jeffries told Piers to “f**k off” after he tried defending Donald Trump. That’s when J.K. tweeted:

Piers responded with a tweet that proved he has poor taste in what he reads:

And Rowling wondered why, while also rubbing things in a bit:

Now, this is where things get good. Rowling tweets out a compliment paid to her by a certain someone:

And Piers attempts to call her out on it:


And now a live look at J.K. Rowling:

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