Nicole Kidman Might Be Aquaman’s Mom

Nicole Kidman might be taking a trip under the sea.

The Oscar-nominated Lion actress is in talks to play Aquaman’s mom in the new Aquaman film. Jason Momoa will be starring with Patrick Wilson playing villain and half-brother. How the “so white she’s almost see through” Nicole Kidman could’ve birthed Jason Momoa is a mystery, but they’re superheroes. It doesn’t have to make sense.

This will most likely be made official by Monday and Kidman will have her second chance to delve into the DC Universe. She formerly played Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman Forever and now could play a sea goddess who has sex with a lighthouse keeper and creates a child that lives between their two worlds.

Since James Wan is directing and Zack Snyder is not, there’s a good chance this film won’t be a dismal, darkly unwatchable failure. Though making a superhero whose main powers are swimming and talking to fish will certainly have its challenges.

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