‘Aquaman’ Just Beat ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ as the Biggest DC Comics Movie Ever


Aquaman is now DC Comics’ biggest superhero. Bigger than Batman. Bigger than Superman. Bigger than Batman fighting Superman until he finds out their moms have the same name. Bigger than whatever the hell was going on in that Justice League movie. Yes, according to Box Office MojoAquaman just shot past Christopher’s Nolan’s Dark Knight films to become the highest-grossing DC Comics movie of all time at $1.09 billion.

Can someone explain how this happened? Aquaman can barely support a comic book and you only need about 15-20,000 fans to make one of those viable. Aquaman only managed to make the top 500 comics of last year by way of a crossover with Justice League. The top of the list? Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Fantastic Four and Wolverine.  You know, characters people like. No one likes Aquaman. The sexy Game of Thrones guy probably only took the role in hopes he would get noticed by someone making a movie about a real superhero.

And yet, here we are. Aquaman 2 is in development, but we don’t even know if Superman and Batman are going to show up in the DC extended universe again. Also, Donald Trump is president, LA has two NFL teams and a British political party weighed in on Pewdiepie and T Series, so we live in the stupidest timeline anyway.

I’d like to think that this is going to mean DC will launch movies featuring lesser-known characters like Matter-Eater Lad who is exactly what he sounds like or Flex Mentallo, a hero who can alter reality by flexing his muscles. Oh, and there’s Brother Power, the Geek, a mannequin come to life who is sort of like a hippie Frankenstein’s monster, he sort of wanders around bashing the Flash. That last one is 100% real and he was created by the co-creator of Captain America. And I think they’re all better than “guy who talks to fish,” but I can see the appeal of “sexy guy who talks to fish with his shirt off.”

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5 years ago

hilariously bad srticle as usual.. JL/Superman movies were all better movies than Thor movies for starters..

5 years ago

Basic logic. $1b today is not the same as $1b 10 years ago. Actually, its much worse than that since 2008 was a very bad economic time and it still managed $1b. Further worldwide releases were not nearly as strong. Recall ticket prices were around $8-$10 prime time back then and now they are $15. So unless you get close to $2b, you arent even in the neighborhood.