New ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Plot Details and 100% More Paul Reiser!

People went nuts for the first season of Stranger Things, but a lot of people wondered what they could do for their second season. Would we go back to the “Upside Down?” Will Eleven move to a different brand of waffles? Will Winona Ryder be able to do a scene where she doesn’t look batty as hell?

Well, they’ve just released some details of the upcoming season.

The show will start a year after it ended on Halloween in Hawkins. The gang is trick or treating, dressed as Ghostbusters, but Will Byers, the one who spent the most time in the “Upside Down,” doesn’t feel quite right. He keeps seeing things. They might be images from the “Upside Down” or they may be completely imaginary.

Winona Ryder is trying to make a stable family again and starts dating Bob played by Sean Astin, no stranger to kid adventures from his role in The Goonies. Hopper is trying to cover up the craziness that happened in the town and everyone is mourning Barb and Eleven.

Two more kids come to town, brother and sister Billy and Max. Everybody wants to kiss the girl and Billy’s a big asshole. It looks like the series may have more human villains this season.

The most interesting news is that the door the to the “Upside Down” is still open and who’s running the lab now? Paul Reiser! If that’s not exciting to you, check out Reiser in Aliens where he plays a great, weasley villain.

There’s no official word on how or if Eleven will fit into the story. Also, a character gets a creature from another world. Hopefully that part isn’t as lame as it sounds.

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