Vin Diesel Releases Odd Valentine’s Day Video

Was it your Valentine’s wish to hear Vin Diesel whisper into a microphone? Well, I’m sad your wishes are so lame, but it came true!

Yesterday, Diesel posted a video where he talked about a song he was inspired to write. He does not sing the song and most of it is practically inaudible because he’s whispering with his quietest indoor voice. Also, it seems very unlikely that the old school microphone he’s using is even on.

But, it has over a million views, so people were pretty psyched to hear Diesel hype up a Valentine’s Day song that will come out long after V-Day is gone.

Also, is he saying “Thank you, Geico” at the end? Like, he had to throw in a bit about how excited he was to reduce the rate of his car insurance?

Diesel continues to be a man of mystery and we’ll have to wait for this epic song of love from XXX himself.

[H/T The Superficial]

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