Walmart Being Sued for Selling Fake Craft Beer

If you loved Walmart’s fine craft beer selection, you’ve been lied to!

Walmart is now being sued for making up a pretend craft beer company. Why would they do this? Well, turns out they made up “Trouble Brewing,” their craft beer company, so they could take s**t ass beer and make it more expensive. No one wants to buy Natty Ice, except for cases of real desperation, butĀ if it’s sold as a fine craft brew made in America, you might want to give it a try.

The lawsuit says that “Trouble Brewing” doesn’t meet any criteria to be qualified as a craft brew. The suit is also seeking damages for anyone who purchased this beer and has to now live knowing they tasted a cheap domestic.

One of the biggest clues that the beer was not all that it seemed was the fact that it was from Walmart. Not typical known for its artisanal blends and fine, handcrafted products (unless those hands are those of Chinese sweatshop children), it’s pretty easy to believe their beer would be shitty, too.

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