Beer Mile Record Holder DQ’d for Not Drinking All His Beer

Have you ever tried running the beer mile? For those that don’t know how it works, every quarter-mile you drink a 12 ounce beer. If you don’t puke after the first beer chugging, you’re a better man than me. The beer mile sucks.

Corey Bellemore thought he had the beer mile mastered. He already holds the world record with a 4:33 beer mile. He thought he broke his own record this year when he ran the mile and chugged the four beers in a record-setting time of 4 minutes and 24 seconds. Except, he didn’t.

According to Runner’s World, Bellemore didn’t drink enough beer for the judges’ liking. Judges measure how much beer is left in each competitor’s cup after the chug. They ruled too much beer was remaining in Bellemore’s cup, disqualifying him from beating his own world record.

Competitors are allowed four ounces of beer left over. This is a new rule that no one seemed to know about and it’s a stupid rule. No beer should be leftover. You drink the whole damn thing, foam and all, if you want to be the true winner.

Bellemore had a half an ounce more than the legal limit.

At least he had a sense of humor about not getting the record.

That’s one piece of advice. The other piece of advice is to drink all your beer like a real man.

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