Father Talked to the Wrong Grave for 30 Years

Imagine visiting your buried loved one twice a year for 30 years. Think of the tales you’ve told them. The flowers you brought. The tears you cried. Now, imagine you shared that private moment with no one.

That’s what a Manchester man by the name George Salt had to go through.

For 30 years, he visited the headstone of his daughter Victoria, who died just two days after birth. And on the 30th year, they moved the headstone due to a “error” that had it in the wrong place initially. No real explanation was given as to why the headstone ended up on a vacant plot. The cemetery only offered “sincere apologies” for the mistake.

For those keeping score at home, “sincere apologies” is roughly one step below “thoughts and prayers” on the apology scale.

Salt told the BBC, “When you go to a grave, you sit and talk and say what your troubles are but the annoying thing is you’re talking to a piece of ground where she isn’t there.”

Nothing crazier than talking to a piece of ground that’s just a piece of ground.

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