Karina Jelinek And Paz Cornu Bring Argentinian Hotness to Miami

You can’t go wrong with Argentinian women. At least not with these two models. Karina Jelinek And Paz Cornu made their way to Miami to show off Argentina’s greatest exports. Google says Argentina’s largest export is agriculture. Are they sure it’s not wood?

I’ve heard of Karina Jelinek before. She’s got 400k followers on Instagram, which I find crazy and yet, normal, for some random model girl. Poor Paz Cornu’s in Jelinek’s butt shadow with only 100k followers. Time to buy more followers.

These two are just kickin’ it on the beach. Doing what models do in their downtime, i.e. lay out in the sun.

Check out the whole gallery for their hotness, but here’s the money shot if you’re pressed for time.

Wow, seriously, this is the highlight of my sad, sad day.

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