‘The Terminator’ May Not Be Back

It would appear that The Terminator franchise is dead. For now. Because the Terminator always comes back. That’s why he’s The Terminator.

As of now, Paramount has declined the option to move forward with any Terminator Genisys sequels. Genisys starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilia Clark and brought in less than $100 million at the box office. Well, when you spoil the big twist in the trailer, why would anyone pay to see the movie?

Two things. First, this is not the end of the franchise. If four or five years, Hollywood will need some type of nostalgia and they’ll bring it back. It always happens. Hell, it may happen with The Martix. Maybe Arnold won’t be the star, but they’ll get one of the Hemsworth brothers or something.

In fact, when James Cameron gets certain rights back to the movie in 2019, we’ll probably see a reboot of some sorts.

Second, I’m fairly positive this is all Trump’s doing.

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