This Trump Voter’s Husband Is Getting Deported


Honestly, I find it really hard to sympathize with all of these regretful Trump supporters, considering their mindset seems to be “I knew he wanted to ruin other people’s lives, but now that he’s ruining mine it matters.”

Mexican national Roberto Beristain, who entered the country illegally 20 years ago and now has a family with the world’s dumbest white woman and owns a steak restaurant, is being deported because his wife voted for Donald Trump.

Helen Beristain, idiot of the highest order, can’t believe that the racist xenophobic monster she voted into office is fucking with her Mexican husband who she knew was here illegally. She told Indiana Public Media:

“We don’t want to have cartels here, you don’t want to have drugs in your high schools, you don’t want killers next to you. You want to feel safe when you leave your house. I truly believe that. And, this is why I voted for Mr. Trump.”

Having a rapist with the temperament of a toddler that openly hates Mexican people and destroys his own businesses running her country made this dumb bitch feel safe I guess. She has a Mexican husband and half-Mexican children. I can’t fucking believe this.

“[Trump] did say the good people would not be deported, the good people would be checked.”

Trump lies and rips people off almost as a rule. Man, how could this Roberto look himself in the mirror after fucking this idiot? Guess he won’t have to worry about that anymore.

Shout out to the family values party for ripping families apart.


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robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud
7 years ago

ILLEGAL immigrant. ILLEGAL as in not legally allowed to be in the country.

Why is that so hard a concept for you to understand? Enter another country, even Mexico, ILLEGALLY and you will do time in the pen in addition to being deported thereafter.