Blanket Jackson Left To ‘Fend For Himself’

Apparently, no one in the Jackson clan gives a s**t about Blanket “Bigi” Jackson. They’ve left him in a mansion to his own devices. Apparently, it’s gotten bad enough that his older sister Paris Jackson is concerned that no one is watching the kid.

And if Paris Jackson is concerned about your situation, you best look into fixing that. Because she allegedly moved a pizza delivery boy into her house and was considering marrying him for a minute.

A source told Page Six:

“If you want to find Bigi, all you have to do is look around the house, find an empty room or an unoccupied corner and there you will find him, off on his own.”

“This poor kid, he fends for himself . . . There’s no one to make sure he’s even eating right. If you call a bowl of cereal or a Snickers bar a meal, then I guess he’s OK.”

I was fifteen. And I know that no 15-year-old should be left alone unsupervised for any length of time. Damn.

Apparently, Katherine Jackons, his 86-year-old grandmother and legal guardian on paper, hasn’t even talked to him in three months and is currently in London.

Despite being left alone, Blanket seems pretty normal. He goes to school, goes to martial arts practice, and spends the rest of his time playing video games. Pretty much like any other teen boy.

This whole family is a mess. Blanket is probably better off talking to none of them and playing Assassin’s Creed or whatever the f**k else constantly instead.

You do you, Blanket.

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6 years ago

They need to find Blanket’s REAL parents.

Lauren Janell
Lauren Janell
6 years ago

Well his dad is dead and no one knows who his mother is