Courtney Stodden Looks Way Better Without Doug Hutchinson

Courtney Stodden looks, dare I say, attractive and normal in these photos. Stodden usually pancakes makeup on her face. Perhaps that’s what 56-year-old, soon to be ex-husband, Doug Hutchinson wanted. These days, Stodden has dialed the makeup down a little. Honestly, she looks really good here.

Back in February, Stodden and Hutchinson revealed that they decided to split. She cited a focus on herself and her career. That makes total sense given that she’s only 22. Another reason, and this is being an armchair psychologist, could be the miscarriage suffered by Stodden. Maybe that forced her to reevaluate life.

Or another reason could be Hutchinson’s 56-year-old dick bored Stodden. Does she know what a 22-year-old penis looks like? Maybe not. Bet she’ll find out though (or maybe not).

It’s unclear what career moves Stodden plans to make. She hasn’t shown any real talent, but that didn’t stop the Kardashians. Although, for her to follow the Kardashians’ footsteps, she needs a shrewd manager/pimp like Kris Jenner.

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